Fruit plant transplants

Fruit plant transplants

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Question: Transplant fruit plants

Hi, I have to transplant 2 fruit trees, for reasons of space, a cherry and a walnut which are about 2 years old. When is the best time of the year to do this operation. Yours sincerely and thanks.

Answer: Transplant fruit plants

Dear reader,

fruit plants, such as walnuts, cherries, apricots, with the arrival of cold weather lose their foliage and enter a period of complete vegetative rest, until spring; this is precisely the best time to move them, even if it is still good to do so only if they are very young specimens.

So when the plant has lost all the foliage we can proceed to uproot it, trying to remove the largest possible bread of earth from the ground, trying to move most of the root system without damaging it. If the plant is young it should not have produced an excessively large root system.

Before moving it, prepare a very large planting hole, with rich and well worked soil; it is good to plant the plant at the same depth as it was previously.

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