The care of geranium

The care of geranium

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Geranium care:

The so-called geraniums are perennial herbaceous plants, or small shrubs, belonging to the pelargonium family, originating in Africa and the Mediterranean area. Geraniums are evergreen plants, which love warm and sunny locations, if placed in an excessively shaded place they tend to produce scarce blooms. They do not have a very developed root system, therefore they can also find a place in relatively small pots; generally they are placed successfully in small balcony tubs. However, it is important to repot them using a good fresh soil, rich in organic matter and very well drained. Starting from May, until September, it is good to water the geraniums regularly, whenever the soil is dry; to obtain always rich blooms and luxuriant plants, add small amounts of fertilizer for flowering plants to the watering water. Or we mix the soil in the jar with slow release granular fertilizer every 3-4 months, and it will dissolve slowly every time we supply water. To keep geraniums healthy it is important to periodically remove bruised or withered foliage, the presence of which often favors the development of fungal diseases; to obtain healthy plants it is also important that they have good air circulation and therefore we avoid crowding too many plants in a single pot. If desired, it is possible to keep the geranium plants even during the winter, but remember to place them in a place sheltered from the cold, a small greenhouse or a non-woven shelter may suffice; remembering to water them sporadically, especially during the mildest days. The geraniums of the previous year will be pruned low in spring, about 10-15 cm above the ground, and repotted with new soil.

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