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Question: aphids

an old lady told me that she keeps aphids away by burying under the foliage of the infested plant

chopped onions.

Is that right?

Thanks and goodbye

Giovanni da brescia

Aphids: Answer: aphids

Dear Mr. Giovanni,

We thank you for contacting us about the problem of aphids on plants through the Expert section of our site

The presence of aphids on ornamental plants is very widespread.

These insects are equipped with sucking mouthparts, they can settle on all parts of the plants, and create a progressive deterioration of the plant. Their size at the adult stage varies from 2 to 5 mm in length and can be of various color from green to blackish depending on the species of Aphis. They feed by sucking sap from plant tissues, especially from leaves, buds and green parts of the plant. They produce a waste liquid full of sugary substances which is called honeydew. This sticky substance, when the infestation is massive, forms a shiny layer. Following the attack of aphids, the plant may suffer direct and indirect damage. That is, both as a result of the removal of the lymph which causes general deterioration of the plant organism and in the most serious cases it can lead to death and through the predisposition to the onset of various other opportunistic diseases such as fungal. Regarding your question, we are sorry, but we have no information on the aficid effect of onions.

Yours sincerely.

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