Cat breeds: American short-haired

Cat breeds: American short-haired

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FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: United States.

The American Shorthair is the equivalent of the European. This breed comes directly from the cats brought on board by the colonists from Europe. Cats were taken on very long journeys because they kept rats under control. The selection was made in order to maintain the aesthetic characteristics and resistance of these common cats.
Very rare outside the borders of the country of origin.

General aspect

The size varies from medium to large; the constitution is robust, with a length slightly higher than the height.

American short-haired (photo


The character, as in the European, varies widely from individual to individual. Monto game lovers even in adulthood, need to live in large spaces. If he can't get out, he must have a place to get his nails. Smart, healthy, they live easily with other animals.


It does not need much care: just brush it once a week and then wipe it with a chamois cloth to polish the fur. During the wetsuit period it is good to use a brush or glove with rubber teeth to remove dead hair. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

American shorthaired (photo

Variety of color

All natural colors are allowed (black, red, white, blue and cream, with or without stripes or white spots). The most typical coloring is Tabby. Colors like Chocolate and Burmese are not allowed.
The color of the eyes corresponds to the coat and can vary from yellow to green or orange. White coat specimens may have blue or uneven eyes.


Category: Short Hair.
Build: medium to large; robust, with wide chest and well-developed shoulders.
Head: round, with full cheeks, medium length nose, square muzzle. The chin is strong and developed.
Ears: medium, well spaced and with rounded tips.
Eyes: large enough, roundish, bright.
Limbs: muscular, robust, with large, strong and round legs.
Tail: medium, wide hairline, tapered, with severed tip.
Coat: short, shiny, resistant; to the touch it can be sour or soft according to the color and the period of the year (more often and heavier in winter).

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