Mushrooms: Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel

Mushrooms: Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel

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Class: Basidiomycetes
Scientific name: Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel
Synonyms: Bondarzewia montana (Quél.) Sing.

Morphological characteristics

Hat: 30-50 cm, flabelliform, often branched, lobed, wavy, velvety imbricate; hazel or suede color.
Pori: 1-2 cm, alveolar, then labyrinthiform, thin, denticulate, white or light cream.
Stem: often, very short, hairy, whitish.
Meat: spongy, then fragile and white; bitter, does not blacken.
spore: spherical, aculeate, hyaline.

Bondarzewia mesenterica (Schaeff.) Kreisel (photo

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: parasite-saprophytic fungus.
It grows bushy at the base of fir trunks, in the mountains.

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