Leporidae: Romerolagus diazi

Leporidae: Romerolagus diazi

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Volcano Rabbit - Romerolagus diazi

Class: Mammals
Order: Lagomorfi
Family: Leporidae
Genus: Romerolagus diazi
Species: R. diazi

Area of ​​origin: Mexico

The rabbit of the volcano is the only species of the genus Romerolagus Merriam, 1896.
It lives in open pine forests and in alder forests with dense undergrowth, at altitudes of 2800-4250 m. Most of these areas have winter drought, but copious summer rainfall. The species is endemic to central Mexico and is found only on the slopes of four volcanoes: Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl in the Sierra Nevada, El Pelado and Tlaloc in the Sierra Chichinautzin.
The British imported it to South Africa.
This mainly nocturnal species is more active before sunrise or after sunset. It lives in groups of two to five specimens. Sometimes it uses underground burrows, but more often it hides in the grass.
This little-known bunny has recently disappeared from some areas due to hunting and destruction of its habitat due to fires and soil depletion. It is estimated that the current population is about 6500 specimens therefore the species, according to the criteria of the IUCN Red List, is considered endangered.
The Zoological Society of London, based on criteria of evolutionary uniqueness and small population, considers Romerolagus diazi one of the 100 species of mammals at greatest risk of extinction.
The volcano rabbit is 27-31 cm long, the ears are 4-4.5 cm long. It weighs 385-600 g. It is perhaps the smallest rabbit in the world, has a short, bristly nose, small ears, short legs and a practically non-existent tail. Its thick dark brown or black hair has yellow streaks in the upper parts of the body.

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Volcano Rabbit - Romerolagus diazi (photo www.biolib.cz)

Volcano Rabbit - Romerolagus diazi (photo http://cdn1.arkive.org)

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