Goat breeds: Tibetan or African Dwarf

Goat breeds: Tibetan or African Dwarf

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Origin and diffusion

Small breed native to Somalia. in Italy it is usually called Tibetan goat although it is not originally from these regions.
Introduced in Italy for ornamental purposes only, it has spread widely becoming a constant presence in zoos and educational farms.
The most primitive subjects of the breed have a solid brown coat (see photo below).

Morphological and productive characteristics

The coat color can be white, black, brown or piebald with two or three colors.
Height at the withers 50-60 cm and average weight of adults 20-30 kg. The females are slightly smaller than the male. Horns generally present in both sexes.
They mate in mid-autumn. The male at that time becomes very odorous because of hormonal substances secreted together with the allurin that the hair is covered with.
About 150 days after fertilization the young are born, one in the primiparous females, 2 in the others.
Trigeminal parts are rare but not exceptional.
About a month before the birth, the breasts begin to grow in the female and a few days before the happy event the female leaves isolating herself from the group waiting for the birth. The weight of newborn kids varies from kilo to kilo and a half.

Tibetan goat and beak of African primitive dwarf (photo CONSDABI archive)

Tibetan goats (photo Ermanno Salvaterra)

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