Pressure washer lance

Pressure washer lance

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Why buy the pressure washer lance?

Buying a pressure washer lance is the best purchase you can make when we talk about fighting dirt.This simple tool is useful for everything, everyone and in every situation because anyone who has to wash, or give herbicides, or anti-mosquito products, pesticides and so on, you will simply have to insert the lance into a normal home tap and with enormous power the tool will destroy the dirt.You will immediately notice the great ease of removing dirt from scooters but also trucks, cars, tractors, in short, anything that needs a great power of water flow. Furthermore, we can also define this tool as an economic miracle, if in fact we usually spend a few euros on the car wash now there will no longer be any need because in a very short time we will also amortize this cost thanks to the affordable cost of this tool.

Strong water jet pressure washer.

Let's start by examining the pressure washer model with a strong jet of water. Fundamental feature to have the water that comes out with strong power because otherwise it would be impossible to fight dirt effectively.Try to simply imagine a tractor that after working a whole day in the fields full of mud returns home, certainly the image that will present itself to you will not be pleasant and you will not wait to remove the dirt that has now become almost a single part with the tractor. With this device and above all thanks to the great power of the water, we will remove all that dirt in no time at all. The same can be done with our car or our scooter.

Wide range pressure washer lance.

Usually the lance is equipped with articulated nozzles that allow you to decide whether to carry out a large radius job or with a powerful jet of water.The wide nozzle, therefore with a wide radius, has the characteristic of acting delicately so its use will be perfect for plants and flowers because otherwise if we do not use this feature we will permanently ruin everything.Moreover it can also be used to give herbicides or anti-mosquitoes, in fact by exploiting the width of the radius offered by the nozzle we will save a lot of time. : but if we attach it to the tap how do we spray pesticides or the like? Everything is made possible thanks to a tank that can be filled with the liquid you want and nowadays all the pressure washers on the market have it.

Pressure washer lance .">The convenience of the pressure washer

If it were not yet clear the convenience of this tool is enormous.How could you get to clean a truck if not through a ladder or getting dirty? Instead, these lances are extendable and all reach a minimum of 1.5 meters without difficulty so you can wash at a distance without getting wet. Even the inside of the wheel arch will no longer be a problem, in fact it can be made clean without getting dirty and with extreme ease thanks to the articulation of the lance. With the narrow nozzle you can reach unthinkable heights, as for cleaning the eaves of the houses in fact you can reach 8 meters without difficulty.If we have to spray plants or we have to give pesticides we will need someone who will go on top of the cypress On the other hand, with our product there will be no need for any ladder. Even removing the leaves that have been placed in our garden during the winter or removing the dirt from the walls, our trusted pressure washer always takes care of it.

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