4-stroke brush cutter

4-stroke brush cutter

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Choice of brushcutter

The choice of a 4-stroke brushcutter must take into consideration the offer of a wide range of products ranging from the hobby level to professional machines. The 4-stroke brushcutter is the ideal vehicle for operating in conditions along steep slopes or for finishing in the most hidden corners of the garden and perhaps not reachable with the lawn mower. The wide range of accessories supplied with a brushcutter allows you to mount wire heads or vidiam discs to cut even small shrubs. In any case, what is important is to make sure that the vehicle has good handling qualities, assistance is guaranteed in case of malfunction. In support of the brushcutter purchase, it will also be advisable to equip oneself with suitable protective equipment such as noise-canceling headphones, gloves, protective goggles, boots, to avoid the risk of injury. Traditionally there are two main categories: shoulder and shoulder bags.

Features and performance

The 4-stroke brushcutter has performance characteristics very similar to those of its predecessors. The technical update with the transition to the so-called eight cycle was necessary to limit emissions and consumption and results in a reduction in smelly exhaust fumes. The greater convenience for the user lies in the simplicity of refueling which avoids the mixing of oil and petrol, oil consumption is still present but to a lesser extent, with a further lowering of operating costs. The new engines are noticeably less noisy and allow for better comfort, while the high rotation speeds make it possible to mount a wide range of products suitable for any cutting requirement. The engines in addition to having a high torque at low rpm are better balanced and also the risk of fatigue due to vibrations is reduced especially with the use of shoulder models. The displacements vary from 30cc up to 50cc, the power of the engines also varies from 2 to 4 horsepower and the weight from 5 to 8 kg.

Protection devices

When preparing to carry out work in the garden, whether for profession or hobby, it is advisable to wear protective tools suitable for the activity carried out. In the case of the brushcutter it is advisable to use visors that can be in polycarbonate, mesh, real protective masks that prevent unpleasant accidents. It is also important to wear headphones that offer protection from acoustic trauma. If diamond discs are used for cutting plants, it is also advisable to remember the possibility of wearing anti-cutting trousers and gloves. It will then be advisable to consider wearing high shoes in order to prevent sprained ankle trauma. Although not mandatory at a hobby level, these tools will allow us to work in perfect safety and once neatly stored they will come in handy from time to time.

4-stroke brush cutter: Conclusions

We have seen the main features of 4-stroke brushcutters, which are suitable for a wide range of jobs, are ecological. They can certainly be useful where you are forced to work on slopes, or at the base of leafy trees where it is more difficult to work with traditional lawnmowers that suffer from the presence of roots. Also in the finishing of the edges they can cover their usefulness, especially for the finishes along perimeter fences. After having recommended the use of protective equipment, it is good to remember that the product suitable for our needs will be the one that allows you to ergonomically adjust the working position. In fact, it should be remembered that all brushcutters can be adjusted to facilitate the grip and make use less tiring, allowing a better posture and balance of the tool.