Flower pots

Flower pots

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Flower pots

The vases are containers for flowers and plants of all shapes and sizes, they can be small, rectangular, round. Most plants and flowers fit well in these containers, although sometimes not all of them do. The pots are found not only on balconies and terraces, but also in gardens, especially in places where there is not much space for cultivation and in homes for growing houseplants or as ornaments on which to place fake plants or flowers. Furthermore, these containers have a decorative value, enrich an apartment and can be found at the entrance to a villa, a garden and a path. The vases can be of different materials such as earthenware and plastic. In general, plastic is preferred because it has the advantage of being breathable and because it can absorb moisture. In addition, plastic is very easy not only to clean, but also to move because it is a light and more manageable material. One of the disadvantages is that it is waterproof, so it does not allow for good water drainage. In plastic pots, only plants that are not susceptible to water stagnation can be grown, while otherwise the risk is to cause root rot. Instead the earthenware vases are heavy and more subject to fractures and falls because they are more delicate. Both jars are equipped with a hole at the base and a saucer, which are useful for encouraging excessive water leakage. As mentioned above, the pots have different shapes, for example the rectangular ones are called planters, suitable for every type of plant, allowing you to grow different types of plants and flowers together. These large containers can be placed on the balcony or placed on the terrace. Even the planters can be in earthenware or plastic, but also in wood and ceramic. The material will be chosen according to the needs and tastes of each one.


A beautiful bouquet of flowers, colorful and fragrant, placed on a terrace or balcony, make a space more lively and cheerful. Flowers are very often considered as decorative elements of an environment. For this reason, the choice of a vase or a planter is important to fully enhance the beauty of the flower. Furthermore, the pot must be chosen carefully because if it is not suitable for the plant, it can damage it as it could have characteristics that do not adapt to its chemical composition. The vases must also be chosen based on the flowers to be placed inside, for example a flower such as calla, so delicate and elegant, will be placed in a vase that is not too showy to avoid this clouding the beauty of this flower, or vice versa too simple, it does not enhance a lively and fragrant flower such as the tulip.


If you want to furnish your home well and tastefully, you need to pay attention to the various furnishing accessories, as the house also reflects our personality, so it is right to furnish the spaces in an accurate and detailed way. For this reason, also based on the type of furniture you have at home, which can be classic or modern, it is good to choose vases that allow you to enhance any type of environment. The materials used to create decorative vases are wood, PVC, ceramic and aluminum. A very popular and appreciated material is wood. Wood is suitable for any type of furniture and thanks to its flexibility, it can be worked and decorated in all ways. It also looks good both outside and inside. PVC is a material resistant to various atmospheric agents and is not subject to humidity. PVC comes from petroleum, but despite everything, it is absolutely not polluted. One of its advantages is to keep the temperature inside the vessel constant. Ceramic is also used to create both external and internal furnishing vases. In addition to being elegant and refined, ceramic is an excellent material because it resists hot and cold temperatures and is immune to scratches. The aluminum pots have a bright color and stand out especially if placed in shaded areas, they are excellent because aluminum is a material that does not rust.

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As you know, the flowers are beautiful and fragrant, but also the vases, especially if elegant, help to make them fabulous. Through techniques that allow good drainage, the pots have characteristics that allow the plants to be beautiful and luxuriant. In garden centers or via the web, you can buy all kinds of pots for any plant. First of all, we need to think about the needs of the plants, because some plants suffer from the cold, others from the heat, others need mild temperatures, others need huge spaces. For this reason, it is good to carefully choose the containers that must house the plants. It is necessary to choose Italian brand vases, because they are of good quality, while foreign ones can be toxic because of poor quality. Attention must be paid not only to the pots, but also to the other elements to be used, such as the earth which must be of good quality combined with peat. For those who want to grow flowers or plants on the balcony, it is worth buying rectangular box pots, sturdy and spacious where you can insert flowers, plants and vegetables.

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