Ducks: Bianca di Allier

Ducks: Bianca di Allier

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Heavy French breed (Massif Central - Bourbonnais). Raised for meat production, early and with good yields at the slaughterhouse. Much appreciated in the kitchen for the finesse of its white skin. Similar to Beijing and Aylesbury. It lays about 150-180 eggs per year (average weight of about 80 grams and white shell). It is bred only in the Dorigo area also because of the remarkable success that the Barberia duck has found.

Morphological characteristics

Uniform white plumage with orange beak and legs.

Medium weight:
- male a. 4.0 kg
- female a. 3.0 kg

Bianca di Allier

Bianca di allier (photo

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